Whatever Your Need - Istok provides it right here!

When a church looks to strengthen its sanctuary with elegant furnishings or when a priest looks for a perfect vestment, Istok offers everything that is needed for the purposes of the church right here on our website. As a church goods store, we understand that every chapel looks for furnishings and accessories that can be effortlessly added to the chapel and which will blend in beautifully with the rest of the décor, helping transform a stark structure into a worshipful house of the Lord.

By bringing Istok online, we make it even easier for our patrons to find what they want, however unique or specific their needs may be. Moreover, if our customers do not find what they are looking for, we are honored to customize an item to meet each specific need. We can increase or decrease lengths, carve the designs that you are looking for and tailor vestments to the exact specifications of our customers. This virtue is exactly what makes us unique and what has continually rendered us as one of the most favored church goods store online.

At Istok, we offer products and customize Orthodox Church supplies according to specifications, with the assistance of manufacturers who are the best in their fields. Most importantly the wood carvers, iconographers, embroideres and tailors we use create products after careful study, prayer and respect. The mode of creation itself makes a huge difference since the products we offer are to be delivered to the house of the Lord to decorate and beautify a sanctuary that is worshipped by thousands of its followers. It is not only a privilege but an honor as well to offer such reverent products to Christians who need them to worship Christ and to celebrate His teachings.

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